Autofinish is part of the Consed package. It automatically chooses finishing reads in order to finish a project. "Finish" is defined by you--you can have it: Any of these can be turned on or off.
Autofinish will suggest any or all of the following types of reads: Any of these can be turned on or off.
When Autofinish has a choice of different solutions, it picks the cheapest (the cost of different types of reads can be customized).
Designed to be run in batch after Phrap runs.

Autofinish Performance

Autofinish is working very well for the labs that are using it.

The following table lists BACs that started finishing in July of 2000. As you can see, Autofinish calls all reactions for the majority of those clones. There are 7 BACs as of this writing that are not finished, and presumably those would have some human-chosen reads.

djs13237237 (100%)
djs267267267 (100%)
djs510350326 (93%)
djs696294294 (100%)
djs702206206 (100%)
djs712265265 (100%)
djs701234234 (100%)
djs718381381 (100%)
djs713170170 (100%)
djs714243243 (100%)
djs715428428 (100%)
djs7217676 (100%)
djs513128128 (100%)
djs704500500 (100%)
djs709421421 (100%)

Why Use Autofinish?